The Band

Phil Duroux - Guitar

Phil's first guitar was home made. He learnt to play one string at a time. The man is a maestro. Having vast knowledge and experience, he provides the musical backbone of the band.

The Real Phil Duroux

John Kirkwood - Guitar

John is a solid and stalwart guitarist. Having been with the band from its conception, he has proved to be a major influence in Final Notice's sound.

The Real John Kirkwood

Jamie Fisher - Bass

Jamie is a talented musician who plays bass with a genuine feel. Opting mainly to use a 6 string, he adds both melody and rhythm to the band's music.

The Real Jamie Fisher

Joshua Duroux - Drums

This is more than a drummer.
This creature writes music, plays many instruments, creates poetic lyricy, chews up armchairs, engineers, produces, and many other arty type things.
He hides his extremely superior intellect well.

The Real Joshua Duroux

Past Members

Lesley Savill - Vocals

When this woman sings, everyone takes notice.
Lesley firmly fronts the band. Her unique vocal ability ensures a large range of style and expression is added to the music.

Grant - Vocals

Grant's vocal style was pure rock and roll - leather and tattoos and high volume. His stage presence was dynamic and forceful.

Danny - Vocals

Danny sung in the great traditions of rock and blues. With a strong presence on stage, he was also an excellent harmonica player.

Allan - Bass

Allan was enthusiastic and keen. With a background in the great traditions of heavy rock, he brought a solid bass line to the band.

Jamie - Bass

Jamie was one of the founding members of the band. His influences were varied from rock and roll to latin, ensuring variety in the band's sound.