Final Notice are masters of funk rock. The band has a truly unique, yet commercially viable sound, with a now rare emphasis on music and feel.

Fronting the band is powerful and brilliant vocalist Lesley Savill. She is joined by an instrumental line up which has been together for several years. Groovy bass player Jamie Fisher, rip-roaring guitarist John Kirkwood, smooth guitar soloist Phil Duroux and superslick drummer Joshua Duroux combine to create a magically intuitive, tight, syncopated, funky sound. Final Notice are a hot, dynamic funk rock group.

When it comes to live performance, Final Notice shine brightly. The band is dynamic to watch on stage, with much movement and interaction and vocal contribution from the entire band. The sound is live and full of energy. This band enjoys performing, and their audience always enjoys watching, and screams for more.

One of the secrets of their successful sound is their enormous variety of influences, covering all styles of music past and present, and the belief in the band that a song is only five percent music, five percent lyrics, and ninety percent feel. However, within these parameters Final Notice always delivers musical and lyrical excellence.

Another compelling factor in the smoothness of their performance is the way their music is constructed from raw song to masterpiece. Everyone in the band writes - together, apart, collaborative or independent. The song is then brought to the band raw - and each member has the opportunity to make the song their own.

Final Notice are a solid band, in every aspect of the word.

This has been your Final Notice.