The Real Jamie Fisher

Jamie was planted and grown on a little planet near the Horsehead Nebula called Spliggett.

Has had a lifetime of musical ability, and started playing guitar on his home planet at the young age of 3964. He ran a tour shortly after with the Hypertrain Imaging Inner Galaxy Concert Series, to a huge response, but sadly, whilst on holiday at the edge of the Nebula, his planet's sun went supernova, and he was knocked out of control in his small space yacht.

Exactly how long he spent stranded in space is unknown, (rumour has it to be several billion Earth years.) But all that time he spent learning to play his newly invented and constructed (by himself) 6 String Electric Bass Guitar!

He crash landed one night into Final Notice's studio during a rehearsal, and after showing them what he could do, the band decided that he should join. (Also because his space yacht landed on their previous bass player, who was unable to be retrieved from underneath. . .)